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Milletable is the brainchild of Agrinee Naturals Farmer Producer Company Limited, a federation comprising over 5000 tribal women farmers from all corners of India. These remarkable women are the stewards of a millet-rich heritage diet, an ancient grain that holds the key to combating numerous diseases.


Our journey celebrates the revival of this forgotten grain, known for its immense potential in promoting holistic health. Millets require no artificial fertilizers, making them the purest and most organic choice. They are also recognized as a way to significantly reduce the consumption of wheat and rice, offering a gluten-free alternative to support your well-being. With Milletable, you can embrace a gluten-free lifestyle, indulge in these organic millets, and savor a life of robust well-being.


Milletable, not just offers products; but delivers a promise of healthier living, inspired by centuries of wisdom.

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